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AGMachinery Worldwide ( AG Machinery Worldwide ) is a family owned company that started its business 20 years ago. It is a fully independent sales organization without manufacturer and dealer contracts.

The company chose deliberately not to enter into dealer contracts so that it could operate completely independent. The reason for this is that manufacturers and distributors like to adjust annually for increased sales and demands. We are of the opinion that our company can only grow healthier by attracting the larger world market rather than the local market.

Due to the large number of low houred used machines and equipment that we are selling, repairing and overhauling, we are working with a well educated team of experienced specialists who are constantly trained and updated to get your low houred used machine and equipment in a first class condition !
Due to the large number of new machines, we don´t need any manufacturer or dealer contracts to get the best competitive prices for our clients.

Now, 20 years later, the company has become, due to its independent approach, tight reliable vision and many customers, a renowned international company
with sales activities in the European and North American markets.

The key to success:
Do what you have promised and give the customer’s machine always more value than he expected. Only this will create confidence and satisfaction !

This status ensures, that not only our employees but our customers also expand our company further in to the future.
Thank you for visiting our website, if you have any questions regarding our website or equipment, please feel free and don´t hesitate to call or mail us.

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AGMachinery Worldwide ( AG Machinery Worldwide ) is a family owned company.
AGMachinery Worldwide started 20 years ago, it's a fully independent sales organization.